Sunday, December 14, 2008

Holiday "Overstock"

Some might call it "overstock" - I call it "overshooting" how much I could sell at a 4 hour craft fair...

I made too many cute holiday cards! They need to be cleared out so I can start working on Valentine's Day and St. Paddy's Day cards and invites...

So, Greencard Designs is having a 50% off holiday sale on all holiday cards.

Please, check out your favorites at

I'm busy filling custom orders, but these cards are made and ready to mail out.

Cheers and Happy Holidays to you!


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Free gift with ANY purchase!!!

Now on sale at
My favorite "locker notes" are great for those who want to leave a quick message, "drive-by" style. Great for kids to write to their friends and keep the note-passing out of class. Also great for those of us who want to leave a quick notes on someone's desk - or pass to a friend/co-worker.
This set of 32 cards comes boxed and is now FREE WITH ANY PURCHASE on my etsy site!
Thanks for visiting and Happy Holidays!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Welcome to Greencard Designs

Hello and welcome to Greencard Designs by Katherine Kelly!

I've created this blog out of the pressure I have felt to keep up with the online Joneses. A few months ago, after creating numerous greetings and decorations for my wedding on 10.20.08, friends and family suggested I continue this new love of mine and design such invitations and greetings for others. I found people were willing and excited to purchase handmade invitations for their special events, and more importantly, handmade CUSTOM invitations from a designer/artist they know.

Greencard Designs by Katherine Kelly was born!

I've created formal dinner invitations, not-so-formal brunch invitations, moving announcements, cinco-de-mayo party invitations, personalized stationery, fancy-schmancy wedding "memos", birthday and cocktail party invites, birth announcements, and customized holiday greeting cards.

In September of this year, my custom designed invitations and greetings took a turn onto the "etsy" expressway. Have you been to If not, please visit and ENJOY all this site has to offer. is a website made up of individual online stores where people who create handmade items, and collect vintage goodies, can sell to people who value buying quality goods from individual artists and designers. Oohhhhhhh, this site can be addicting!

Greencard Designs by Katherine Kelly can be found on Etsy at Many of my greeting cards, and custom designed creations can be purchased on that site. My online portfolio of past creations is on This site (once I have time after the holidays to devote) will house the custom designed works I've created for myself and others.

This blog will be used to update others on all the "crazy" happenings at Greencard Designs and we'll hopefully have some contests coming up soon for free goodies and feature blogs of other artists/designers I favor. I've been in my first show/fair and can't wait for the next. Please check back here as I will let you know where you can find Greencard Designs in person...